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Commonly Asked Questions and Resources to assist your journey

What shipments are covered by the OpenTrack platform?

OpenTrack currently covers all North American import containers and combines the best and most accurate data fields from the following sources to present the most accurate source of truth -- all on one platform:

- All major ocean carriers
- All major North American terminals
- All North American rail carriers
- Vessel schedules
- Vessel AIS tracking providers
- Third party data sources
- Proprietary data sources

What information do I need to start tracking?

OpenTrack requires only the Master Bill of Lading, Container Number and Ocean Carrier SCAC to initiate tracking on any North American import container. There is never a need to receive or store any sensitive business information.

What data fields are reported by OpenTrack?

OpenTrack standardizes, enriches and reports the most accurate milestone events, tracking data, ocean carrier, terminal and rail carrier data on all North American import containers. Ask us for a free guide to see an overview of all of the data fields that we report.

How can I integrate the API into my TMS and software applications?

OpenTrack’s lightweight API requires only three data fields to initiate tracking and is easily mapped and integrated into most TMS platforms in just a few days. Using Cargowise? Ask us about our integration and receive a free guide to get up and running in 48 hours.

How frequently will I receive tracking updates?

OpenTrack delivers tracking updates multiple times per day using proprietary software that detects the best and most critical times to deliver new data.

How does your pricing work?

OpenTrack is priced on a per-container usage basis and scales up and down to suit your business needs and seasonality. Billing is available on monthly or annual terms with volume-based discounts for annual commitments. There are no additional fees for API usage, additional users or implementation support.

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