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OpenTrack Case Study: Scan Global Unlocks More Visibility in Global Container Management

December 8, 2023

Known for its expertise in ocean freight, Scan Global Logistics not long ago wanted to strengthen its position with technology-driven efficiencies that would help the company better manage visibility into global trade. First, Scan Global merged with TransGroup Worldwide Logistics and then partnered with OpenTrack to gain unparalleled visibility into container freight and heavy-hauling services. Together, these strategic moves made it easier to unify services and adapt to ever-changing markets and global dynamics.

For over 30 years, Scan Global has developed a flexible organization focused on continued growth and providing personal advice and tailor-made logistics solutions. The ultimate benefit of these services is making it easier for shippers and logistics managers to find new ways to make the world a little less complicated. 

Overcoming challenges associated with logistics, data tracking, lack of visibility, and back-office delays is easier with the expert guidance and insight provided by OpenTrack.

The Business Challenge: Overcoming Limitations Through a Single Source of Truth for Supply Chain Insights

Multiple industries across the domestic and global markets deal with communication delays, logistical challenges, and limited network insight. Everything from Research and Development, automotive, medical, fashion, food and beverage, aviation, oil and gas, government, industrial, construction, and even retail services can benefit from this innovative approach to logistical planning and network management.

Scan Global Logistics' primary goal is always to put clients one step ahead of market trends and consumer needs that shift constantly. Innovation is critical as Scan Global is on the cutting edge of development for advanced added-value systems. 

With innovative insight and solutions provided by OpenTrack, Scan Global was able to overcome many challenges that have impacted profits and future growth, such as:

  • Disparate data points and sources of information.
  • An inability to easily coordinate and collaborate with the network.
  • Poor tracking and monitoring options for freight loads.
  • No access to a single source of information and insight.
  • Delays and disruptions in freight pickup and delivery services.
  • Problems with networking and unifying multiple data sources.
  • Long hold times and wasted labor hours on mundane tasks.
According to Claes Brønsgaard Pedersen, Global CFO of Scan Global, “Overcoming the challenges of market volatility and uncertainty required a unique approach to freight tracking, management, and logistics that we had yet to fully master.”

This is where OpenTrack has significantly impacted its global service offerings.

The Solution: OpenTrack Allowed for Faster and Easier Management With Improved Insight Into Freight Logistics

Having access to reliable insights, real-time tracking, and end-to-end visibility into freight modes and shipping lanes allows for faster and more reliable scheduling and delivery of all manner of freight. Scan Global found an easier way to maximize visibility and overall reach within a single source of truth and understanding with improved insight into freight logistics.

According to Kasper Kristensen, Director Ocean Freight, North America at Scan Global Logistics, “Before signing up with OpenTrack, our operation teams spent a lot of time getting the right information from the carriers. Covid made everything more complex; at times, it felt that not even the carriers had the latest information.”

Freight logistics and supply chain management greatly benefit from the improved insight and collaboration. 

The Results: Improved Insight and Data Access Makes Freight Management Easier and More Profitable

Tracking freight, organizing loads, and streamlining deliveries became more straightforward than ever as industry experts helped to minimize delays, surcharges, and disruptions across the board.

With a single source of truth, on-demand data access, and reliable logistical tracking and monitoring, Scan Global could efficiently address weak points within the network and improve overall productivity. The innovative tools and services provided by OpenTrack allowed for a practical response to disruptions and exceptions by leveraging industry-specific data and insights when and where necessary. The ability to pair established IT tools with innovative data and insights from new partnerships has made it easier for growth and sustainability to remain front and center for Scan Global.

According to Allan Melgaard, CEO of Scan Global, “Since partnering with OpenTrack, we are seeing a lot more consistency in our data. We are now able to measure lead times across the various legs of the transportation with seamless confidence and assurance that was lacking previously.

With the information provided by OpenTrack, management has developed and implemented integrated dashboards and established paperless workflows, making it easier to flag containers and monitor overall flow. The added benefit of daily updates, automated notifications, and on-demand reports further improves customer and client satisfaction.

The ability to receive the GPS coordinates and put a visual to the whereabouts of any container at any time is something well-received by management, team members, and customers alike.


In the wake of unprecedented upheavals amid a global pandemic, the need for expert assistance was crystal clear for management. While it is true that no one person or company can change the world on their own, all it takes is one partnership and one opportunity for collaboration to change company performance and growth for the better.

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