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Cargologik taps OpenTrack for New Premium Logistics Visibility Offering

February 20, 2024

A new strategic partnership unlocks end-to-end visibility for freight forwarders and beneficial cargo owners amid rising container rates and increased uncertainty.

NASHVILLE, Tenn.OpenTrack, a pioneer in providing end-to-end supply chain visibility solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with Cargologik, a leader in logistics and freight forwarding. This collaboration is more than a business venture; it's a mutual commitment to deliver comprehensive, high-quality logistics technology for the betterment of the entire industry.

The fastest-growing end-to-end logistics visibility provider, OpenTrack is known for building robust, user-friendly APIs and solutions designed for integration by logistics companies, beneficial cargo owners (BCOs), and software platforms. Its technology solutions have already garnered significant attention and adoption among major industry players, including the No. 1 U.S. freight forwarder, the No. 1 North American drayage carrier, the No. 1 International TMS platform, and the No. 1 BCO in the U.S.

"We develop technology to serve the global logistics community,” said Kevin Valsi, Co-Founder and CEO at OpenTrack. "This collaboration with Cargologik expands our reach and capabilities, ensuring that our technology serves as a cornerstone for industry-wide progress."

The aim, Valsi said, is to empower businesses with tools that enable them to solve real industry problems at scale, enhance operational efficiency and provide innovative software applications that help to retain important customers and win new business. Reaching those goals starts with having access to the high-quality, reliable data and visibility solutions that OpenTrack provides.

Real-time logistics visibility has become a priority for the shipping industry amid a backdrop that includes a prolonged crisis in the Red Sea, rerouted cargo, and rising container rates. By partnering to extend visibility to Cargologik’s customers, OpenTrack will enable more freight forwarders and BCOs to gain instant visibility so they can plan, monitor and measure the performance of their freight.

Cargologik CEO Gabriel de Godoy said this partnership with OpenTrack is a significant stride in his company’s efforts to connect disparate systems and improve communication, collaboration, and data integration, resulting in a cohesive and efficient supply chain solution for their customers.

“The quality and reliability of OpenTrack's data are unparalleled, and this aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our users with a single source of truth in the supply chain,” Godoy said. “Integrating their solutions into our platform enhances our ability to deliver exceptional service and solve the real-world problems that our clients face in supply chain."

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OpenTrack has been designed and developed by experienced freight operators to make container tracking easier for everyone. OpenTrack combines all available ocean, terminal, rail, and drayage trucking data sources to give you the most complete and accurate information on international ocean and intermodal freight. Many of the world’s most iconic brands and logistics providers count on OpenTrack to get accurate container visibility across all modes, reduce fees, proactively identify and manage exceptions, and win new business.

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