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Is a Real-Time Visibility Provider Right for Your Business?

December 8, 2023

It’s no secret that today’s shippers face the daunting task of operating in a complicated, hazardous supply chain. According to FreightWaves, since the COVID-19 Pandemic and the ensuing logistics debacles, “The world has permanently changed, and supply chains are going to face continuing challenges for decades to come.” Accepting that the comparably simple days of a pre-COVID supply chain are now behind them, shippers are left asking how they can survive and thrive in a new, strange logistics landscape. 

For many shippers, the answer lies in technology. Increasingly, today’s shippers are turning toward real-time container tracking software to obtain the flexible operations they need to remain competitive in a fast-changing logistics environment. With the global supply chain management market set to reach a staggering $45.2 billion by 2027, it’s clear that more shippers than ever are implementing innovative container tracking solutions to access much-needed container visibility.

For shippers who haven’t implemented container tracking solutions into their daily operations, now’s the time to ask: is a real-time container visibility provider right for your business? To make it easier on shippers, we’ve outlined three simple criteria to consider when deciding whether or not container visibility through a container tracking software provider is the right choice for your operations. 

Are Rising Fees Costing Customers?

According to reporting from Supply Chain Dive, in 2021, “The average detention and demurrage charge more than doubled from 2020, increasing 104%.” This steep rise in demurrage and detention fees for shippers often results in extra costs passed onto already inflation-weary customers. These unfortunate upcharges can quickly result in customers looking elsewhere for their logistics needs, leaving shippers in the lurch. In an increasingly fraught logistics market, in which “more than half of supply chain executives don’t expect a "return to normal" until the first half of 2024 or beyond,” according to SupplyChainBrain, shippers are faced with unprecedented unpredictability in their operations, resulting in greater occurrences of demurrage and detention. 

For tech-savvy shippers, the real-time container visibility provided by a container tracking software solution offers respite from rising demurrage and detention costs. Through an API-enabled container visibility solution, shippers can provide logistics professionals throughout their supply chain with unprecedented access to port-side information, allowing them to avoid costly congestion issues. For shippers hoping to dodge demurrage and detention, container visibility from an experienced container tracking partner is a must-have. 

Does Your Business Want to Provide Stand-Out Service?

Today’s customers don’t just want reliable shipping; they want fast shipping. In an industry dominated by fast-shipping logistics giants, today’s shippers are under more pressure than ever to deliver on time, every time. A 2019 survey from digital consultancy Avionos found that 62% of U.S. digital shoppers defined a positive retail experience as fast shipping. Shippers are turning to innovative solutions to meet the booming customer demand for fast shipping.  

With the improved container visibility achieved through a partnership with a container tracking solutions provider, shippers can offer their customers faster shipping with fewer exceptions. Real-time container tracking allows shippers to deliver faster and more efficiently by improving allocation strategies throughout the logistics process. If a freight exception occurs, an API-enabled container tracking platform provides customers with an easy-to-use, fully-integrated communication system, ensuring that customers feel heard and problems get resolved quickly and effectively. With 20 to 30% of products purchased online being returned, according to industry publication Retail Dive, shippers who provide easy, seamless communication methods for customers are sure to stand out from the competition. 

Do You Want to Build a Sustainable Supply Chain?

In August 2022, President Biden passed the Inflation Reduction Act. The act includes significant funding for building a more sustainable supply chain. FreightWaves reports: “The IRA includes production and investment tax credits for battery storage and renewable wind and solar energy. This should make it greener and cheaper for supply chain companies to power their warehouses, distribution centers, and stores.” While these strategies take significant steps toward building a greener supply chain, increasing regulatory pressures mean shippers must move fast to avoid federal fallout. 

For shippers striving toward sustainability, improved container visibility can be a surefire way to build an efficient supply chain. With real-time container tracking and intelligent allocation strategies, shippers can reduce carbon emissions significantly. According to FreightWaves, “87 million metric tons of truckload freight’s annual carbon emissions can be traced to non-revenue — or empty — miles.” With real-time container tracking, shippers can access the container visibility they need to eliminate logistical inefficiencies like empty miles, keeping both customers–and regulators–happy. 

Ready to Take the Leap Toward Container Tracking? Partner with OpenTrack Today 

Today’s shippers are facing a challenging logistics environment; from volatile fuel prices to unpredictable global conflicts, it’s more important than ever for shippers to maintain the logistics flexibility they need to remain competitive in a cut-throat environment. For real-world logistical crises, today’s shippers need real-time container visibility. With OpenTrack, shippers can access intelligent allocation, real-time container tracking, and integrated communications through an easy-to-use API. Book a demo with OpenTrack today, and see what real-time container visibility can do for your business. 

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