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The Big Benefits of Ocean Freight Tracking & Predictive Visibility

December 8, 2023

Many benefits come from using ocean freight tracking. This software, partnered with predictive visibility, provides the insight logistics experts crave: real-time visibility and problem prevention. With freight tracking, experts can diversify the data to make it available across all levels of the supply chain. This is particularly useful for preventing issues that may arise. In addition to diversity, data tracking increases the ability to track full or individual shipments and negotiate better rates, automate processes, and more. This may be the best innovation yet for ocean freight. 

Diversification of the Data Helps to Make it Shareable and Available to Teams and Partners

The idea behind ocean freight tracking lies in the ability to achieve end-to-end visibility across the supply chain. Visibility empowers teams to catch and proactively prevent issues from arising that can be costly. Controlling costs effectively also will enable teams to provide the best service within their roles and improve productivity by eliminating the time-consuming processes of fixing issues. 

Increased Ability to Track Whole Shipments and Individual Containers

Increased container tracking capability for entire or partial shipments is another invaluable benefit for carriers, shippers, and other logistics experts. Ocean freight tracking and predictive visibility enable carriers to move more freight while reducing deadhead and empty miles. 

Ability to Negotiate Better Rates by Showing Past Success

Carriers that use ocean freight tracking can leverage their past successes to negotiate better rates. This empowers them to become more profitable by providing documented proof of success rates that make them a valuable asset to the supply chain. Carriers can expand their businesses exponentially if they can track their work and prove their worth. 

Automated Event Notifications, Alerts, and Processes

Possibly one of the most notable benefits is the automation capability. The technology that supports ocean freight tracking can automate notifications, alerts, processes, paperwork, and many other time-consuming tasks within the supply chain. Utilizing automation also keeps everyone in the loop and boosts real-time visibility. 

APIs Reduce Confusion and Boost Efficiency

Ocean freight tracking continues to expand with the industry and the market. That said, many of those dealing in ocean freight are behind the rest of the supply chain, but that is finally changing. It is possible to connect systems of record with less coding knowledge and even easy-to-use APIs. APIs reduce confusion and boost efficiency by being user-friendly and automating a lot of manual processes, according to Talking Logistics

Applied Data Through Predictive Analytics Enables Management by Exception

Applying the data with predictive analytics enables management to better plan for issues during ocean freight tracking. The ocean makes the process a bit longer and more complicated, as it is more challenging to reconcile the problems in the water. Delays caused by issues at the docks and ports upon entry can make overhead expenses skyrocket. Predictive analytics makes this less likely to happen. 

Lower Rates of Fees, Demurrage, and Surcharges

As mentioned above, ocean freight tracking can help end excessive charges. These include demurrage and surcharges associated with delayed shipments. Carriers need to have all of the proper documentation to pass the shipment off within the agreed time frame. Predictive analytics utilized in ocean freight will prevent these from happening. 

Achieve End-to-End Ocean Freight Tracking and Visibility With the Right Ocean Freight Shipping Partnership

Overall, ocean freight tracking enables end-to-end visibility, especially with the right ocean freight partner. Lower the possibility of excess overhead and optimize worldwide ocean shipment tracking by implementing this game-changing system. Eliminate extra freight spend, automate mundane tasks, and gain the ability to negotiate pricing. Apply the data to boost productivity and protect profit margins. Request an OpenTrack demo to learn more today.

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