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Supply Chain Visibility: What International Logistics Managers Need to Know

December 8, 2023

International logistics management faces unique challenges with supply chain visibility. When dealing with customers like shippers and partner carriers, visibility often creates a problematic gray area when dealing with international shipments. Operations tend to stall at ports due to manual process backlog and other errors causing delays. The issue plaguing ocean freight is the lack of visibility that causes delays for hours or days, increasing fees such as detention and demurrage. Supply chain visibility relies on logistics to continue to expand. Other issues accompanying outdated processes and procedures can also increase overhead and decrease productivity. The key to unlocking the future success of supply chains lies in realizing the full potential of end-to-end visibility. 

The Role Logistics Plays in International Shipping and Why It Matters For Visibility and Growth

One of the issues that proves to be detrimental to international shipping is the lack of visibility. How it works is that more visibility grants experts more information. By accessing more data, container shipping and other transportation modes can prevent problems from arising and combat them as they arise. Too often, experts must absorb the costs incurred by delays through international freight shipping. Supply chain visibility matters for those who are looking to stay proactive answering the age old question of "Where's my stuff?" How do they get this needed visibility, particularly in container tracking? Managers need a mechanism to easily track containers and get the visibility they need to grow or expand their businesses by reducing overall fees, but providing customers with proactive updates, building long term trust in the partnership. 

Problems Associated With Outdated Methods and Procedures Within International Logistics Management

Supply chain visibility is entirely contingent on tracking ocean shipments in more uncharted territories like open water. With a logistics overview, the problems associated with outdated methods of international logistics management sometimes seem more detrimental. Dealing with ocean freight requires clarity and timeliness. Delayed status updates decrease the likelihood of providing an accurate time frame for supply chain workers and customers. Without data accuracy, it opens the door to tender rejections or other expenses. In addition to higher tender rejection rates, it also increases the risks of disruptions. Antiquated practices cost time, money, and resources that prevent growth and hinder customer service. 

How to Improve Supply Chain Visibility and Improve End-to-End Functionality

Some of the features of logistics allow for continuous improvement to achieve end-to-end visibility and functionality. According to, “The answer is orchestration. Global logistics operations can’t live without it. Considering the number of systems, processes, and people that must operate in tandem, it’s not surprising that an orchestration layer is emerging. Next-generation enabling technologies are already maturing.” Essentially, compiling the data is the first step, while finding the most efficient method (for instance, orchestrating the steps taken) comes next. As well as putting the data to use, improving supply chain visibility leads to more effective inventory management. Automating processes like reordering products to help ensure fewer disruptions for customers provides an invaluable service to international logistics experts. 

Prepare for Future Trends and maximize Effort Today With an International Logistics Management Partnership

The best option for international logistics management is to contact the right partner. Supply chain visibility allows for better customer experiences. It will also help prepare for future trends and boost the effort to provide end-to-end visibility. This will keep operations moving and production efficient. Remove problematic areas that decrease visibility by partnering with the right logistics management company. Book a demo with OpenTrack to get started. 

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