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CargoWise Integration: Benefits of End-to-End Visibility Technology for Supply Chain Managers

October 28, 2021

Flexibility has long been considered the gold standard for shippers and transportation providers to strive toward. Still, the need for end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations is equally important. In today's volatile market, supply chain managers must be able to adjust and make changes in real time. According to SupplyChainBrain, the length of time the average consumer will wait for their order to arrive is only 4.5 days, a day sooner than five years ago. And at least half of all consumers had abandoned carts and items before finalizing checkout because they could not secure a reasonable delivery deadline or ended up changing their delivery specifications before the order arrived. CargoWise integration of container tracking data aids freight forwarders, BCOs and shippers alike keep up with the high demands of a market-driven by e-commerce and a need to gain end-to-end visibility within the supply chain. These five examples of the benefits integrating technology to CargoWise will show how interoperability between technology in the supply chain yields desired outcomes.

1. Improved Integration via an API and CargoWise Integration Reduces Confusion

An application programming interface (API) helps provide a streamlined path between computer applications and other aspects of the supply chain. This software interface makes it easier to integrate multiple platforms and systems to improve communication, data sharing, and shipping logistics throughout the supply chain network.  Ultimately, the goal is more transparent communications, faster response times, and better customer service with less confusion and fewer mistakes.

2. More Visibility Helps to Reduce Risk for Rolled Cargo

Rolled cargo presents a significant issue for international shipments as it can occur at any point during the shipping process when delays occur at the port. Rolling occurs when cargo does not make it onto the vessel it was scheduled for due to delays, capacity shortages, or other issues. Working with collaborative systems such as container tracking data sent to Freight Forwarder's instance of CargoWise via integration can improve visibility and makes predictive planning and management easier. It becomes much easier to reduce the frequency and length of rolling during shipment.

3. CargoWise Integration Allows for Better Controls Over Freight Status, Leading to Better Customer Service Levels

One of the most significant benefits shippers and carriers alike gain from these collaborations and technological integrations lies with improved track-and-trace services. Integrating existing systems with advanced automation and machine learning opens the door for improved ocean shipment tracking and monitoring. Customers can get their shipments quickly and easily with the guarantees and prices they want, while supply chain managers can maximize profits and keep the network operational.

4. More Data Opens the Door to Increased Use of Analytics to Improve the Network

CargoWise integration makes it easier to collect vital data along every step of the supply chain network. Along with increased data access, it also enables managers to analyze data better and apply data effectively. This helps improve the network from end to end with improved visibility and adaptability. Having access to real-time ocean container tracking data that can be studied, shared, and accessed on-demand opens the doors for improved network operations and improved productivity and profitability for managers and supervisors. 

5. Streamlined Payment Management Accompanies Increased Visibility by Reducing Delays in Invoicing and Payment Processing, Too

End-to-end visibility within the supply chain network can also improve payment management and invoicing. CargoWise integration and collaborations make it easier to boost visibility, connectivity, and communication between team members and third-party partners. Real-time tracking of payments, digital cloud-based storage systems, automated reminders, and remote recordkeeping helps reduce delays and errors within the final leg of the delivery: payment processing.

Reap the Rewards of End-to-End Visibility and CargoWise Integration With OpenTrack

Experiencing the ultimate benefits of improved visibility and collaboration within the supply chain is easy with the right systems and connecting various technologies via integration. Onboarding new technology, software, and processes present a unique challenge to management, but with the easy integration of OpenTrack's container tracking solution, teams now source container status at any time, right within the CargoWise platform immediately, with very little training. Enjoy improved end-to-end functionality with OpenTrack and CargoWise system integrations today by requesting a demo now. 

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