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The Steps to Improve Container Track and Trace

December 8, 2023

In a competitive marketplace, many trends are governed by the ebb and flow of e-commerce, customer expectations, and capacity levels. Customers want to know where their items are at all times, and they want assurances; the goods will arrive in one piece and on time. Carriers and shippers need improved container track and trace monitoring methods to advance services throughout the supply chain. There are plenty of options available for consumers and transportation providers alike, so one delayed delivery could lead them to cancel their order and move on to another service provider. Offering real-time tracking options and utilizing innovative tracing systems can give transportation service providers the tools they need to stay competitive.

Supply Chain Disruptions and Other Issues Associated With Poor Container Track and Trace Systems

Lack of visibility is a common obstacle for companies in every industry. In the Business Continuity Institute's report a few years ago on global supply chain resilience, most respondents said they do not currently have adequate levels of visibility and traceability within their networks. This can lead to devastating levels of disruption when it comes to container track and tracing and supply chain distribution management. Data from BCI's 2018 report found that 56% of managers had dealt with supply chain disruption in the past 12 months, which lead to several issues that included: financial (62%), logistics (54%) and reputation (54%) impacts. A large percentage of small and medium businesses could reduce their shipping costs by nearly half if they were not forced to deal with poor container monitoring systems. In addition, knowing where orders are and when they will get delivered helps managers and customers better plan and prepare for a successful delivery handoff. 

Recognizing the Power and Importance of Accurate and Up to Date Container Track and Trace Features

In end-to-end, visibility across the entire supply chain is critical to providing the best service possible for customers. Accessing digital tools and innovations to gather data along every step of a product's journey makes it easier to identify weak points and potential deviations within the network. With real-time monitoring and container tracking, managers can categorize and pinpoint challenges along the supply chain. According to Forbes, technologically supported systems and automated container track and trace monitoring makes it easier for logistics managers to generate solutions and work toward desired outcomes. In addition, the ability to access and utilize accurate and up-to-date container trace data regarding container position puts the power in the hands of shippers and carriers, which is where it will do the greatest good.

Improve Track and Trace Functionality with the Following Steps

Building a solid container track and trace platform is crucial for achieving sustained growth and success in the volatile market today. The onboarding process becomes more manageable with the following steps in mind:

  1. Collaborate with suppliers to network and combine tracking tools and systems to form mutually beneficial setups and ocean container tracking systems. 
  2. Implement tracking systems and software that allow for customized features and services to meet all network needs and consumer demands.
  3. Integrate traceability with existing technology to provide additional support and improved data chains, resulting in improved ocean shipment tracking services.
  4. Create an alerts system to identify deviations and exceptions early so timely and accurate steps can be taken to deal with any disruptions. 
  5. Streamline shipping processes with documentation and data based on real-time reports, monitoring, tracking, and communication along the supply chain.
  6. Make local and international shipping connections, improve customer service, and expand quality regional and national services.
  7. Communicate with customers in real-time and be prepared to address issues or concerns that they may have about the status of their shipment.

Prepare for Future Growth and Expansion With the Right Track and Trace System

Maintaining high levels of customer service and satisfaction is essential for continued growth and success within the modern supply chain network. Improving container track and trace services can help shippers gain the upper hand and maintain a substantial competitive advantage. In a market where a single bad experience can affect customer relations and future opportunities, it is more important than ever to do everything possible to meet customer needs and demands first and foremost. For logistics managers and shipping supervisors, this means implementing innovative methods of tracking, tracing and recording containers along the supply chain. Book an OpenTrack demo to see it in action today.

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