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Choosing a Freight Forwarder That's On OpenTrack & What Benefits That Provides to the End User (Importer)

March 30, 2022

Choosing a freight forwarder is the most critical decision shippers must regularly make to overcome the industry's top challenges. Knowing that a transportation partner can impact all aspects of shipping and logistics makes managing short and long-term goals easier. Freight forwarding services have always been essential to the success of domestic and global supply chains. Still, now more than ever, these partnerships can shape the future of freight forwarding providers everywhere.

According to Global News Wire, “the freight forwarding market is expected to register a CAGR of more than 4% during the forecast period. The growth in international trade volumes is a major driver for the freight forwarding market. Moreover, the rise in trade agreements between countries is also contributing to the growth of the market.” With this expected growth continuing for the next few years at least, the practice of choosing a freight forwarder will continue to be vital for shipping and transportation providers. Understanding the benefits of visibility in freight forwarding partnerships showcases why shippers and importers must not bypass visibility opportunities inherent in tech-rich intermediaries. 

What Are Freight Forwarders and Why They’re In-Demand

Freight forwarders function in many ways as industry experts and intermediaries. They fill in the gap between a company with a shipment that needs transporting and the service provider that gets those goods to the final destination. They are logistical experts and know the ins and outs of the supply chain and the market at any given time, thanks to full TMS integration. Choosing a freight forwarder is a critical decision because although they do not handle or transport the goods themselves, they provide direct access to the carriers who can. Freight forwarders can provide reliable and affordable access to various transport modes such as ocean freight, rail freight, truckload transport, and air cargo shipment. 

Benefits of Partnering with a Freight Forwarder that’s on OpenTrack

With insider connections and a deep pool of pre-vetted carriers and partners, they can help shippers negotiate the best possible price for each load, regardless of where it is going and what special handling or shipping requirements are needed. Shippers benefit from choosing a freight forwarder by gaining access to transportation services and options that might otherwise be unavailable. Customers and end clients can benefit by enjoying more affordable prices and the peace of mind from working with transportation experts. Other benefits from an OpenTrack-using partnership include:

  • On-demand access to up-to-date industry insights through a single view of the transportation networks. 
  • Real-time data and software tracking metrics to understand and pre-empt rolled cargo. 
  • Cost-saving tools, apps, services, and software with different facing portals to track container status.
  • Technology provides improved insight into current port activity.

These are just some of the benefits of visibility in freight forwarding that can impact the supply chain network. Partnering with service providers through OpenTrack can make the process of choosing a freight forwarder simpler and more accessible for shipping companies of all sizes and niche specializations. 

Why OpenTrack-Using Forwarders Add Long-Term Value and How They Meet Importer Needs

Trusted industry professionals bring a host of tools, experiences, and insights to the table through innovative services and collaborations. When choosing a freight forwarder, it is essential to consider specific needs that importers have and to find a forwarder that has the following characteristics and that provides the following benefits: 

  • Ability to ensure all compliance regulations and requirements remain satisfied
  • Access to real-time cargo tracking software and shipment monitoring tools
  • Proof of licensing and insurance that are valid and kept up to date
  • Proper training and industry experience to guarantee prop[er handling and delivery
  • Track record of successful delivery and high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Ability to pay on time and without a lot of hassle and trouble 
  • Better communication about delivery status and payment or invoicing needs
  • Good communication and availability when and where needed
  • Thoroughly on board with the latest technology and tools for the supply chain network
  • Ability to embrace digital platforms, innovative tools, and machine learning
  • Good collaboration and communication in the face of disruptions and deviations

 Choosing a freight forwarder is a vital piece of the shipping and transportation puzzle. Working with industry experts and trusted service providers will make maintaining a forward path of growth and continuous improvement and success easier.

Partner With Freight Forwarders That Use OpenTrack

When it comes to choosing a freight forwarder, the decision can have a lasting impact on any shipping company's short and long-term success. While the benefits of visibility in freight forwarding from a strong partnership are clear, many shipping companies still struggle with finding the right forwarding partner. Tapping into the latest technology for supply chain logistics can make all the difference. Freight forwarders that use OpenTrack make it easy to maximize profits and continue the forward momentum. Book a demo of OpenTrack today to see how choosing a freight forwarder that uses the right visibility software can benefit your company for the better.

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