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Top Airfreight Forwarders in Logistics for 2022

August 4, 2022

According to FreightWaves, 2022 is “...shaping up as one of the [airfreight] industry’s strongest years ever with cargo revenues nearly double those before the pandemic…” With this kind of growth, it’s clear that the airfreight market is quickly becoming a go-to option for shippers needing fast, reliable logistics. A recent study revealed that 92% of customers consider “fast” to be two-day shipping. In an e-commerce industry dominated by fast-shipping giants, it’s more important than ever for shippers to access top-tier fast-shipping solutions.

By partnering with an experienced airfreight provider, shippers can access the fast shipping they need to remain competitive in a crowded logistics marketplace. By closely considering the specific attributes of a wide variety of airfreight providers, shippers can better understand which airfreight provider is best for their logistics needs. To make this process easier, we've rounded up the 15 top airfreight forwarders in 2022.

1. Kuehne + Nagel

With a yearly airfreight volume of 2,220,000 metric tons, this Feusisberg, Switzerland-based company leads our list of the top freight forwarders in 2022. Founded in 1890, this global multimodal logistics company is pairing experience with innovation. Its 130-year history, paired with recent investments in cutting-edge logistics technologies, makes Kuehne and Nagel a go-to during volatile times in the global logistics industry. 

2. DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding

With operations in 53 countries, DHL Supply Chain and Global Forwarding sees its annual 2,096,000 metric tons of airfreight traveling through logistics hubs worldwide. With a recent emphasis on eco-friendly logistics operations, this Bonn, Germany, headquartered company is taking strides toward a sustainable supply chain. Beyond freight, DHL has made a name for itself as a reliable, flexible warehousing option for logistics providers around the globe, helping them avoid costly detention and demurrage fees. 

3. DSV A/S

Formerly DSV Panalpina, DSV A/S is a Copenhagen-based, Danish logistics provider that moves a yearly 1,600,000 metric tons of airfreight, bringing in an impressive $7,957,000,000 gross revenue every year. With significant investments in multimodal capabilities and track and trace technologies, DSV A/S is working hard to stand out in a rapidly evolving logistics industry. Led by logistics industry veteran Jens Bjørn Andersen, DSV A/S is a global logistics provider to watch. 

4. DB Schenker

With U.S. Operations headed up by long-time logistics professional David Buss, DB Schenker is an Essen, Germany-based logistics provider positioned to grow in the United States. Though a relative newcomer to more tech-forward sectors within the logistics industry, DB Schenker's 150 years of experience—along with an annual 1,400,000 metric tons of airfreight—helps them stand out in the crowded e-commerce and retail logistics marketplace. 

5. Expeditors International of Washington

The first U.S. headquartered company on our list, Expeditors International of Washington, is a Seattle-based logistics company that moves an annual 1,047,200 metric tons of airfreight. Expeditors International of Washington–though they go by "Expeditors" on their site–provides international logistics services and, like many of the businesses that have appeared on our list so far, is branching out into the proactive technology sector of the logistics industry. With significant investments in supply chain technology paired with traditional logistics expertise, this company hopes to provide customers with professional, innovative logistics solutions.

6. Nippon Express

Though their yearly airfreight of 971,763 doesn't quite get them to the top five on our list of the top airfreight forwarders in 2022, this Tokyo, Japan-based logistics provider nonetheless maintains an impressive annual revenue of $971,000,000. With nearly a century and a half of experience in multimodal logistics and operations centers around the globe, Nippon Express is working to position itself as a growing player in global logistics. Though initially focused on Asian markets, Nippon Express has quickly expanded to meet the ever-increasing demands of European markets, establishing itself as a trustworthy player in times of conflict in these areas. 

7. UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S.A, UPS Supply Chain Solutions moves an annual 965,700 metric tons of airfreight. With a new emphasis on easily accessible global shipping solutions, UPS is increasingly using its vast domestic shipping experience to help shippers navigate complex international trade compliance regulations. Recent investments in innovative, tech-enabled logistics solutions include an API (Automated Programming Interface) that allows them to offer container tracking capabilities to an increasingly international customer base. 

8. Bollore Logistics

Its 656,000 metric tons of airfreight may not be as impressive as other numbers on our list of the top airfreight forwarders in 2022. Still, Bollore Logistics offers flexible solutions in the final mile that help them maintain an impressive revenue stream for its relatively small size. With operations headquartered just outside of Paris in Puteaux, France, this is the first French company to appear on our list. Bollore’s emphasis on a holistic approach to visibility and supply chain management, paired with decades of expertise in emerging markets, makes them an essential player in logistics across the developing world. 

9. Kintetsu World Express

Established in 1955, Kintetsu World Express brands itself as "Japan's First Air Freight Specialist." This established pedigree and recent investments in international logistics and software applications help Kintetsu World Express ship 556,875 tons of airfreight annually. With a U.S. presence since 1969, Kintetsu World Express is a well-established cross-Pacific logistics provider focused on lowering costs while providing efficient service. In recent years, the company's investments in a broad range of transportation capabilities have helped maintain steady revenue despite supply chain difficulties. 

10. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

With a firm dedication to their family-run business model, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics tries to bring a human touch to the 552,640 metric tons of airfreight they ship around the globe each year. However, this family business model hasn’t stood in the way of their growth—with 264 offices worldwide and over 12,000 employees, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics is positioned for a growth-oriented future. While Hellmann Worldwide offers a broad range of multimodal shipping services, their recent investment in customs brokerage helps them stand out on our list of top airfreight forwarders in 2022.

11. Sinotrans, LTD. 

Though this Chinese logistics provider’s founding in 2003 makes them a relative newcomer to the global logistics marketplace, Sinotrans LTD. ships an impressive 532,300 metric tons of airfreight annually. As the sole logistics provider of the  CMG (China Merchant Group), Sinotrans, LTD. is well positioned to experience large-scale growth in the coming years.

12. Kerry Logistics

With infrastructure established in over half of the world’s emerging markets, Hong Kong-based Kerry Logistics ships 520,415 metric tons of airfreight annually. With recent forays into visibility software, Kerry Logistics is positioned to grow in emerging markets and beyond in the coming years. Kerry Logistics is a tried-and-true logistics provider across global markets as a certified IATA (International Air Transport Association) logistics agent.

13. AWOT Global Logistics Group

AWOT Global Logistics Group is the first forwarder on our list of top airfreight forwarders in 2022 to ship under a half-million metric tons of airfreight, managing 86,216 metric tons of air cargo annually. While this number may seem small compared to some of the larger companies on our list, this Chinese logistics provider is an Asian market specialist with stand-out operations throughout China and Southeast Asia. 

14. Ceva Logistics

With headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, and extensive operations in the southern U.S., Ceva Logistics moves 474,000 metric tons of airfreight annually. A French CMA CGM Group subsidiary company, Ceva, is investing in cutting-edge logistics technology to improve responsiveness—a wise investment in an increasingly unpredictable global shipping environment. As with many logistics providers on this list, Ceva's investment in responsiveness is primarily an investment in multimodal supply chain visibility software.

15. CTS International China

CTS International, a broadly multimodal logistics provider, annually ships 398,175 metric tons of airfreight. This Chinese logistics provider specializes in multimodal logistics and increasingly prioritizes cross-border logistics services, such as customs declaration and inspection. As one of the smaller players in the increasingly crowded Asian logistics marketplace, CTS is using its cross-border logistics expertise to stand out from the competition. 

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